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In 1950, associate programs were added to Lawrence Tech's baccalaureate offerings.In 1952 the College of Management was created, having its origins in an earlier industrial engineering curriculum.

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The university has named Sibrina Nichelle Collins, former director of education at the Charles H. News' list of "A Schools for B Students," which the magazine defined as schools where students who might not have been "superstars" in high school stand a chance of being admitted, and where they can grow and thrive. And the website Pay rated Lawrence Tech 56th in the nation in return on investment in college tuition, out of 1,343 institutions reviewed nationwide, In November 2016, LTU and St.He first advanced the notion that Lawrence Tech was a private college serving a public purpose.The College of Arts and Sciences was established under his watch in 1967. Marburger, served as president from 1977 to 1993 and as chair of the board of trustees and chief executive officer.Varsity athletics returned under his watch in 2011. Moudgil was named president in July 2012, and was inaugurated in September.He had previously served as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Interim Provost, and Provost at Oakland University.

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