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In December 2016, in New York City, the Maine Army National Guard was awarded the EPA Energy Star award for a pilot Combined Heat and Power unit that reduced the annual energy consumption by over 30% in the largest MEARNG facility and 3% statewide.

Nick Barilo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Nick Barilo is a licensed fire protection engineer having over 30 years of experience.

Baker is President and Co-Founder of The Rehancement Group located in Reston, VA.

He has been involved in Utilities Privatization for over 20 years.

Previously, he worked in the FEMP program at the US Department of Energy as an alternative financing specialist supporting public private partnerships involving clean energy projects.

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For over 35 years, David has helped clients address their most pressing business issues.

He works within various multi-disciplinary teams across the SPR to study resiliency options and has spearheaded efforts in green purchasing and pollution prevention that have reduced environmental impact of doing business. Adams participated with a SPR resiliency planning process to assess the SPR’s most significant climate related vulnerabilities and identify resiliency strategies to help minimize organizational risk. Adams holds degrees in Zoology, Wildlife Management, and Aquatic Ecotoxicology. He is responsible for planning, developing, organizing, instituting, and evaluating energy management initiatives and practices from technical, financial, and sustainable perspectives throughout the USCG.

He is the USCG representative on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Energy Council and is the Head of the USCG Service Control Point (SCP) at Defense Logistics Agency – Energy (DLA-Energy).

Nick has served on the NFPA 2, Hydrogen Technologies Code committee since its inception in 2006.

He was instrumental in organizing the first eight chapters of the initial release of the Code in 2011 and continues to be an active member.

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