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Witch Baby Soap, for example, sells lovely, vegan, cruelty-free beauty products infused with spells.

However, it seems like everyone is cashing in on the witchcraft trend these days.

It's also allowed powerful witches to make money from their craft, which is demonstrative of the power of magick on its own.

Some online shops are worthy of your money if you have some extra to spend.

The practice of magick is about raising and directing energy to fulfill your intentions, and if you haven't noticed, witchcraft is in vogue.

You may be wondering what in God's (or the Goddess's) name is going on, or even what you need to know if you'd like to practice witchcraft yourself.

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Some people do have witches in their families, and when you're looking for spirits to work with, magickal ancestors are a powerful choice — but so are any ancestors.

You may have heard of "the rule of threes," or the belief that performing magick with ill intent will come back to you three times, turning the ill intent on you.

(The neo-pagan religion Wicca holds that "Three times what thou givest returns to thee," which can be applied to positive magick as well.)But the rule of threes doesn't simply mean, for example, that if you cast a spell to steal someone's man and you and said man get together, he'll cheat on you exactly three times.

Performing a spell just means setting an intention and then conducting a ritual — be that lighting a candle or meditating in the bathtub — to fulfill it.

For instance, let's say you want to wake up each morning filled with more self-love.

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