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When assessing population adherence to physical activity (PA) recommendation using accelerometers, absolute intensity threshold definition is applied despite having limited validity in those with low cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), who are unable to reach them (e.g older adults).

Briefly, participants were asked to come to the clinic on two separate days.

On day one, blood samples were taken and weight, height, waist-circumference and blood pressure were measured.

This study is a part of the Generation 100 study, which aims to investigate the effect of exercise training on morbidity and mortality in the older adults.

The Generation 100 study is described elsewhere [].

To establish the relative thresholds, subjects from the Generation 100 study, wearing an Actigraph GT3 model, walked/run on the treadmill while having submaximal and maximal oxygen uptake measured [].

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Non wear time was defined as intervals of zero counts lasting at least 60 consecutive minutes, with counts exceeding zero for no more than 2 min [].

Further, methodology associated with application of these thresholds is rather complex, limiting their use to smaller studies [] or what role the two components of MVPA, moderate (MPA) and vigorous (VPA) physical activity, play.

The aim of this study, therefore, was to compare the proportion of the older adults meeting relative versus absolute PA recommendation and to determine the method which quantifies PA that better associates with Met S.

There was no significant association between Met S and absolute MVPA, MPA or VPA recommendations in the fully adjusted model.

The association between meeting/not meeting the PA recommendation and Met S differed with method.

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