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I love him for it."He loves green juice, reading, raging in night clubs, human psychology and defending his undefeated staring contest record.I hope you’re having a thoroughly fattening and delicious Thanksgiving!Based in Los Angeles, Jason has worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds, and is regarded as the premier Attraction Expert in the world.

Your Life Coach in Los Angeles As your life coach, Sally creates a safe space where you can clarify your vision, connect to your passion, and live the life of your dreams.And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I couldn’t resist sending you a love note.It’s such an honor to witness and support you in attaining your romantic vision, and making it a reality. My Gratitude FREE […] Read More The Relationship ‘White Glove’ Test ~ Complimentary Podcast Are men taking you seriously, or just biding their time, (and just wasting YOURS?Sally coaches you to tune into your boundary antennae and helps you find ways with humor and affection to communicate your needs.Drawing from her deep understanding of human nature, her life coaching approach is sensitive, warm and often humorous.

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