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In his loneliness he turned to the recently widowed Liv, who agreed with his Neanderthal ideas.

When Dru told a reporter that she owed her career to her wonderful understanding husband, Neil caved in and they reconciled.

For Colleen and Sierra, that was the final straw, and they told her parents.

When Neil showed up at Kevin's, and Lily disappeared down the fire escape.

(cousin, son of Olivia) Miscarriage in 2008, with Cane Charlie Ashby (twin son with Cane; born Jun 25, 2010) Matilda "Mattie" Ashby (twin daughter with Cane; born Jun 25, 2010) Sam Ashby (stepson born Nov 9, 2017; Cane with Juliet Helton) One night when Drucilla Winters had taken a double dose of her cold medication which left her groggy, and Neil's brother Malcolm was asked to stop by and check on her, she mistook him for her husband Neil, and invited him to her bed.

His secret desires for Dru got the best of him that night when he thought she really wanted him.

After hitting bottom, Neil, with the help of Serena, decided to dry out for his daughter's sake.

Reuniting the family with Dru and Lily began looking good to Neil, so Dru and Lily moved in "for Lily's sake." At the same time Wesley proposed, but Dru chose Neil.

Neil felt that unless a wife had a meaningful job (like being a doctor like Liv), her place was in the home. @lilycollins accessorized her @Givenchy gown from Clare Waight Keller’s Spring 2018 couture collection with a silver halo that nods to religious art. See more from the #Met Gala red carpet: SKz MO Please join all of the courageous students walking to create change at this Saturday’s #Marchfor Our Lives. ” #WEday #metoo #IWD2018 #Press For Progress #Wednesday Wisdom MId M ‘You aren’t alone. ‘When we use our voices to speak out and share our stories, we create a positive space for others to do the same.’ #metoo #IWD2018 B5ZCRSm Today’s the day! As Kevin sat at the bar at Gina's, angrily writing the words "bitch" on a napkin, he overheard that Gina was closing up early. then left a message with Cody at Crimson Lights that Colleen's grandfather John wanted to meet her at Gina's before the they all went to the annual Arts Council Gala.When Colleen showed up at Gina's, Kevin lured her into the walk-in refrigerator, and locked the door.

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