Libya marrage dating

Most Libyans are Berber and Arab, and 96.6% are Muslim Sunnis.Languages spoken in Libya include Arabic, Berber, Italian and English.The Libyan culture is a blend of many influences, due to its exposure to many historical eras.

It is considered to be an important dish in Ramadan, where people usually break their fast with soup (after having a glass of milk and a couple of dates).The Libyan diet is rich with seafood and includes a diversity of vegetables and cereals.Meals are of great symbolic importance in the Libyan culture and the biggest meal of the day is lunch.Shops and businesses close for a couple of hours in the afternoon to allow families to gather together and eat.They also drink green tea after meals to help aid digestion. To follow tradition, the tea is usually first poured into a mug and then into another then back to the original mug, back and forth for a couple minutes then poured from a high distance to the glass to form ‘ragwwa’ or foam.

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