Kit harington and emilia clarke dating

Although she may not be dating anyone at the moment, she’s a big fan of Harington and Leslie’s relationship.

In fact, Clarke is very close friends with Harington’s girlfriend, Rose Leslie.

Page Six also said that she and Cory Michael Smith were seen holding hands in March 2014.

And later in 2014, she briefly dated Terminator Genisys costar Jai Courtney.

None of them have been Kit Harington, though I'm sure a few fans have hoped their on-screen chemistry extends to off screen. (Harington is engaged to be married to Rose Leslie, who formerly played Ygritte on . Clarke's other boyfriends have been either too on the down-low to register with fans, or too brief for anyone to notice.

They even bought a castle together and everything.)She hasn't dated Jason Momo either, who played her character's husband, Khal Drogo, in Season 1, though one can be forgiven for thinking they have, considering the lovey Instagrams both have posted about each other. Take James Franco for instance, a man who is notorious for not opening up about his love life.

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