Kim jung eun dating

His family is a big shot in the Korean economy as well as power.His grandpa was the first to be the governor of Seoul Bank and his father was a Treasury director in the past.Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun acted as a couple while filming SBS Lovers in 2006 and that continued into real life after filming ended.As both were of marriageable age and were pretty compatible in terms of character, career, etc.She publicly spoke about this saying, “I can’t lie to the fans anymore. It felt like I had just been involved in a car accident. This is all very sudden and is a big blow to me.” We do feel bad for Kim Jung Eun but what’s meant to happen would have eventually found a way out.South Korean actor Lee Seo Jin celebrates his birthday on each 30th January of every year. He is one of most educated actors having his Masters Degree in Business Management from a prestigious university NYU.However, he did have a relationship with his ex-girlfriend that didn’t end well.

Lee Seo Jin has been appearing as a cast of the hit Tv show “Grandfathers Over flowers” and gaining a lot of popularity from it.

He is most popular from shows like Three Meals a Day, Grandpa Over Flowers, Damo, Yi San, Gyebaek, Marriage Contract and so on.

All his hard work in drama and movies does pay him well.

Many fans and neutrals were anticipating to see them get married.

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun had been very open about their relationship since it became public.

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