Jeremy renner on dating

Howard said they don't even have each other's phone numbers anymore. He said they had another hit with ''Live Forever.'' Howard played some of that. JD said he found out someone had died in the building. He said then he thought about it and wondered if it would affect retail. Robin said when they have it on TV shows they have people almost fainting from the smell. Howard said he heard JD is going camping with his girlfriend. He said someone likes going camping so they're going camping.

He said it makes you feel better even if it doesn't do anything. JD said he's going to do his best to not let anything touch him. He said now we don't have to camp so we don't have to deal with that stuff. Howard said when you're in the Grand Canyon you have to shit and put it in a can. JD said he doesn't plan on eating very much over the weekend. Robin asked if they had to cover the latrine when they were done with it.

Howard said they ended up settling a lawsuit with the guy. Howard said the guys had a good thing going and they weren't able to keep it together. He said people who aren't in rock bands think they'd figure out a way to keep it going. Howard said then just before buying it found out that someone was murdered in it.

Robin said it has to be the greatest job in the world.

Howard said she didn't get any water on her between that and the gigantic bathing suit she wore. He said you have to shit in the woods and it can be really bad. He said then he fast forwards through the commercials. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around am.

Howard said he will go to the Grand Canyon with nothing but a knife. Robin said she thinks being able to build a house is awesome. JD said there is something called Glamping that he'd like to do. Howard said he can't think of a worse torture than doing that in a pool. Howard took a call from a guy who said JD has no idea what he's getting into. Howard asked Gary if he's right about the pay thing. He said there's a show he wanted to see on there but he's not going to pay for it. Gary said he has like 27 5.99 a months he's paying. Howard said he likes getting advertisers and putting that shit on TV. Robin had a band playing the Star Trek theme and Fred played Gary playing trumpet over that.

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