Ive given up dating

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Even though you try not to take it personal, it’s hard.

It’s hard when men are simply not nice and treat you like shit. The guys that expect you to put out on a third date. The relationships I had been in weren’t the best for my self-esteem.

There were several reasons that made me come to this big decision.

It wasn’t easy, I promise, because I’m a pretty big flirt.

I believe that if I can go at least a year, maybe longer with forcing myself to interact with women solely on a platonic level, maybe I can unlearn some of my less than helpful traits as they relate to women.

It may seem unorthodox, but I don’t believe putting me on game or getting swag will help the blatant and underlying issues I have as they relate to women.

What’s more, I simply didn’t believe in what I wrote after a few months and had to apologize because I realized I had written the article from the wrong place.

It wasn’t worth waiting for them, and they soon left. The guys had used me for what they needed, and when I was no longer of use to them, they left.

It hurt and there is still it a numbing feeling looking back. I knew I didn’t want to be hurt, second guessing everything, and wondering when the next guy will cheat on me. I could feel my heart was broken and unable to heal. I needed to put myself first because at the end of the that’s really all who I have.

She said, in the nicest yet bluntest way possible, that I really do invest too much of my identity into putting on a good image for others as opposed to being happy.

She pointed out that in the time she’s known me, that she’s watched me drive myself miserable because of others opinions.

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