Is anna paquin dating stephen moyer benefits of updating to snow leopard

Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia began dating in 2002, one year after Jess joined the Season 2 cast.

Their relationship grew very serious, with them considering marriage one day.

Unfortunately, the relationship ran its course after four years.

They broke up in 2006, but remained friends afterward.

We're exploring some onscreen TV couples that found love and hate on their respective sets.

From walking down the aisle to walking off the set for goobed, here are 8 TV Couples Who Dated In Real Life (And 8 Who Despised Each Other).

helped to catapult the success of both the show and their individual careers.

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On occasion, we become so engrossed in our love for two TV characters that we hope the actual stars become an item as well.After Dean broke up with her, Jess and Rory finally get together, although the relationship did not last very long.Though Jess was the main love interest for only two seasons, the real-life romance between the two stars continued considerably longer.In 2006, fans watched the different pairings of their favorite students on the hit musical show.Although some onscreen couples became fan favorites, others just became too problematic to support.

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