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The details were different on both sites and after complaining to one of the sites they contacted the woman in the photo and had her make a video at my expense. I ordered flowers for her and was given an 8 date delivery window, 3 days more than what the site claims and they still managed to be a day late. These people are frauds and liars right down the street from dream marriages. Also the girls don't necessarily know these rules, so they'll tell you to get verified, but you still need to spend the money. Once you spend 3000 credits on 1 girl (150 euro for 750 credits) you get the contact details.

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bogus or phone sex will not entertain no video…See more & contact Hi this is thalia fresh 22 years old.. Ring me or message me in whatsapp and i can come over. a unhurry service of BODY TO BODY massage/ sensual…See more & contacthello dear gentlemen im Diana Philippines mix Uzbekistan are you tired skinny woman I Am Perfectly Designed To Satisfy Your Needs And Make Your Fantasies And Dreams Come A Reality!Btw I am from Russia and know this MO well Canned messages that are all in English. Real good girls will not do that and English is not well known in Russia and Ukraine. These are bots Every message proclaim a strong interest, sexual desire and love.Thus, the messages and letters are not real but computer generated You are flooded with 20-40 messages per minute any time of the day. Guys- just think about this:) I wrote my profile in Russian but very rarely got responses in Russian.I received an email from this site and decided to take a look. The site shouldn't had allowed me to continue on, but of course it did being that it's an obvious scam site. Anyway, here are the questions and my answers to them: ' Many of these women are desperate girls seeking for a serious relationships. At first, I did not understand until I decided to register with several different accounts to prove this site. First, an Iraqi person who has a height of 140 centimeters and four children and wants to have other children. This is a typical scam getting you paid for chat, letter, video etc.I only went as far as where it asks for my date of birth. Do you agree to keep the identity of these women in a secret? the twist: many exceptionally good looking girls who are heavily photoshopped and made look younger by using additional program.

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