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This is exactly what happened in Israel, according to Malachi 2: A similar principle of spiritual purity is laid out in the New Testament, but it has nothing to do with race: For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Just as the Israelites believers in the one true God were commanded not to marry idolaters, so Christians believers in the one true God are commanded not to marry unbelievers.

The Bible never says that interracial marriage is wrong.

Douglass was no stranger to the wrath incurred by his association with white women.

In 1849, while police looked on, he suffered a beating at the hands of ruffians on Broadway while on an evening stroll with two Englishwomen, Julia and Eliza Griffiths.

Himself the product of mixed-parentage, he deplored those who would limit his choice of partner to only one race and quipped that his marriage to a black woman would be just as interracial as to a white woman.

Full integration, he believed, was the only path to justice.

By the time the Douglasses took their own vows, a constitutional amendment banning interracial marriage had been proposed and lynch mobs styled themselves defenders of racial purity and separation, torturing and murdering black men for alleged sexual relations with white women. Wells, took up the campaign against the terrorism, and Helen herself spoke out against lynching in her widowhood. Virginia struck down all prohibitions of interracial relationships, only nine states could claim never to have had such laws.

Neither black nor white communities offered many congratulations.

The Washington called the marriage “a national calamity” and “the mistake of his life.” Others considered his choice to be that of a dotty, old man who had rejected his race. ” True friends, on the other hand, noted that the marriage was not only one of affection but also one that emerged from their principles.

The groom’s children never hid their disdain for his new wife, believing the marriage betrayed their late mother, Anna, who was black. The bride’s sisters and mothers embraced her new husband, but her father and uncle never accepted that a black man they once admired had joined the family. Another old classmate insisted that Helen “was true to her convictions to the last,” while a reporter for the Indianapolis pointed out, “Mr.

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