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And other aspects are filled with poop–usually in a literal sense.Why am I writing about parenting when I’m supposed to be writing about money? So very in the thick of the dirty, tiring work required by my two-year-old and two-month-old daughters.I’m OK with that, mostly because I know they will only get older and more independent and less reliant on their parents (right?! Of hearing Babywoods wail that she wants more “sweet toetaytoe” when she already has an freaking sweet potato on her plate. And no one is standing on the sidelines handing you snacks or cheering you on.I mean surely five-year-olds can pull up their own pants and don’t walk around with their bums hanging out? Of herding two crying children into the library/church/playgroup while both cling to me with their tiny claws and one of them pretends she has forgotten how to walk and passersby gawk at the modern mother trying to have it all and, in that moment, so clearly failing. Since I know the end of their childhoods looms and maturity will happen, I’m trying to savor Littlewoods’ infancy. I’ve also heard tell that the days are long, but the years short. With our first daughter, the first six months or so were a complete haze.Days without a drink of water (ok, probably like 30 minutes, but I get dehydrated quickly) and I recently went nine months without wine.It’s not easy to parent small people and it’s even harder to parent two small people.It’s hard to see that end right now when the entire human experience happens before 8am most days. It grates on my nerves when people say, “they grow up so fast,” as they smile at me and I grimace back with infant spit running down the inside of my shirt (my first clean shirt in days) and my toddler is lying on the floor picking dirt off my boots (again, why?! Because let me tell you, when you’re in the middle of it. I was exhausted, terrified we were screwing up, unsure of what this tiny person would do next, and completely overwhelmed at the loss of my freedom.

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But then sometimes I catch myself in the mirror (by accident, I assure you) and wonder who this is staring back at me.It’s true that having kids has made me more efficient and effective.I get a lot done every day because I am focused and my windows of time to work are infuriatingly brief.But acknowledging the challenges doesn’t diminish the wonders.It doesn’t negate that some aspects of parenting are miraculous, life-altering, and utterly wonderful.

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