How to stop dating the wrong guys

Going out with a man with the hopes of fixing him is like buying a rusted bicycle with bent wheels in hopes of finishing a marathon with it.attract creeps, so that’s what you date.

A lot of people know that they attract terrible people, but feel like that’s all they can ever get because of it.

Your exes have dumped you via really messed up methods. If guys are doing this to you, chances are that you’re picking the wrong dating material from the get-go, and were ignoring the signs already. Sure, we’re all a little shallow, but you really shouldn’t be picking your next boyfriend by the style of shoes that he wears or how good he looks in a t-shirt.

You regularly come up with ways to excuse your love interest’s behavior, even before you’re official.

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Whether they are prescribed “meet-ups” that try to take care of physical attraction drop-outs, “fix-ups” that minimize ghosting because mutual friends are often able to track someone who disappears, or chance encounters that pretty much work or don’t quite early in the connection, most relationship seekers try to use every possibility.From well-established dating sites to the plethora of ever-new ways to explore the dating market, today’s relationship seekers might easily spend many of their waking hours searching for the one person who someday will make it all worth it.Because life has other demands, it’s becoming more necessary to predict which options are not likely to work out, and to focus in on those that may be more productive.It’s not normal to constantly pay for your boyfriend’s share of things.It’s also not normal to deal with guys who regularly insult you, embarrass you, or gross you out on purpose.

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