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The company's capital strength, security protocols, and reputation for discretion has yielded a substantial market share in banking and high level of brand loyalty.Alternatively, it receives routine criticism for facilitating tax noncompliance and off-shore financing.The bank has its major presence in the United States.Its American headquarters for investment banking are located in New York City, for private wealth management in Weehawken, New Jersey and for sales & trading in Stamford, Connecticut.Despite its trimming of sell side operations, the UBS Investment Bank is among the world's nine "Bulge Bracket" banks and is considered a global primary market maker.

In late 2016, UBS established a blockchain technology research lab in London to advance its cyber security and encryption of client activities.UBS operations in Switzerland and the United States were respectively ranked first and second on the 2018 Financial Secrecy Index.Its large market share makes UBS a multi-state systemically important and universal bank.After UBS managed heavy losses during the 2008 financial crisis with an asset relief recovery program, it was hit with the 2011 rogue trader scandal resulting in a US billion trading loss.In 2012 the bank reoriented itself around wealth management and limited its sell side operations.

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