Halal dating rules

It is well known that modern methods of fishing are based on catching the fish alive, and that the fishermen throw the dead fish back into the water for fear of contamination.Therefore, is it permissible for us to buy such fish in the markets of non-Muslims?Starting with the name of Allah; eating with the right hand; making small morsels; sitting longer at the table; chewing the food well; thanking Allah after the food; washing the fruits and vegetables before eating; not eating after satisfying the appetite; not over eating; not looking at the faces of others while eating; not taking away the food from others who are sitting at the table; and tasting the salt at the beginning and the end of the dinner. Question: On the package of meat that is produced in Muslim countries by non-Muslim companies, it says, “Slaughtered according to Islamic laws”. Can we eat that meat, if it comes from Muslim companies in non-Muslim countries?And what is the ruling, if the source is non-Muslim company from a non-Muslim country?But if the producer is a non-Muslim or it was produced in a place where Muslims are not in the majority and it is not known that the producer is Muslim, then it is not permissible to eat it. Question: We enter some super markets in Europe and find meat in tin containers produced by a European company with the writing on the package that conveys the sense of it being “ (a doubt which arises concerning the mentioning of the name of Allah), it can be considered pure and be consumed. Question: Is it permissible to buy meat thinking that it is slaughtered according to Islamic laws from a super-market owned by a Muslim who [also] sells alcoholic drinks? Question: Gelatin is used in a number of drinks and food items in the West.

Intoxicants and games of chance and (sacrificing to) stones set up and (dividing by) arrows are only an uncleanness, the Shatan’s work; shun it therefore that you may be successful.” by my statement is not worthy of marriage [to your daughter] if he proposes to her, or of intercession when he asks for a good word, or of any credibility when he speaks, or of being entrusted with anything.”1 In another he says, “Allah has accursed alcohol, its growers, those who squeeze it [from the grapes], its drinkers, its servers, its buyers, its sellers, those who live on its income, its transporter, and the one to whom it is being transported.”2 There are many more to even sit at such a table. It is permissible for a Muslim to go to places where wine is being served with the food, provided that it does not lead to promotion of those restaurants.Is it permissible for us to buy such fish from Muslims who are not considerate of religious laws?In both the cases to ascertain that this particular fish in front of me was taken out of the water alive, should seek the advice of an expert and reliable witness to testify to that fact which may prove difficult, impractical, and unrealistic.So, is there a solution for practicing Muslims who face difficulty in ascertaining whether or not the meat of chicken, cow or sheep is , and therefore take to eating fish instead?Answer: There is no problem in buying it from Muslims or non-Muslims; as there is no problem in eating it, if they are satisfied that the fish was caught by the method mentioned above and that it belongs to the category of scale fish. Question: At times we find the name or picture of fish on the cans and come to know that the fish is a scale fish.

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