Guys jacking off chat

I walked to the bathroom praying that he wasn't going to follow me. I got into the bathroom and started taking my clothes off.

I ran out of the bathroom and found Jamey on the bed.

He walks over to the couch where I am, and he starts at my hand, licking all around.

He grabs my cock and puts it in his mouth and starts blowing me.

He moved his face closer to mine and kissed me gently, moving down my neck and stomach.

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We head to the bed and get underneath the blankets.

I look over and Jamey has gotten out of the bed and is jacking off by the window.

He starts taking off his shirt, and I can see his somewhat muscley figure start to show. I grabbed ahold of his face and shoved my tongue in his mouth. I pulled the blankets off and saw that he had a hard-on. After about ten minutes, he got out of the shower, got night clothes on, and walked into the living room. S: Oh well, we're here all weekend to go o the gym and the pool and stuff. We sit in the living room watching TV for awhile when Jamey suddenly says, "Truth or Dare?

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