Google voice online dating

When you need a personal bouncer, Google Voice makes it extremely easy to block callers that you don't ever want to talk to again.

From your Google Voice inbox, click on a call from someone you want to block.

Google Voice has some great features that can help you protect your privacy.

You can keep your Google Voice phone number for life, or for at least as long as Google is willing to host it.

When you select your Google Voice number, you can choose a completely different area code from the one where you live.

Selecting a different area code prevents someone from using your area code as a means of locating you.

The feature is hidden, but you can set up time-based routing from the Google Voice Settings screen, where you click Phones Everyone knows that voicemail hacking is alive and possible because many voicemail systems use only a 4-digit numeric PIN number.Even the most novice internet detective can use a site like Melissa Data's Free Phone Number Location Lookup.Someone can enter your phone number, and the site will return your actual address or provide the county of residence where the phone number is registered.Choose a new Google Voice number rather than porting a number you already have.When you choose a new Google Voice number, it hides your real phone number by using your Google Voice number as a go-between.

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