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This was around ten o'clock on the morning of March 25.

Boarding an oil tanker at first, they later climbed over into a gondola, or open topped freight car used for carrying gravel. Here they met seven white boys and began talking to them Ruby declared in a private interview later that she did not speak to them but stayed in one end of the car by herself, while Victoria was talking, laughing and singing with the white boys in the other end of the car.

Hollace Ransdell was a young teacher, journalist, economist, and activist asked by ACLU officials to go to Alabama to investigate and report on the controversial trials of the Scottsboro Boys that had just taken place.

Ransdell spent ten days in early May of 1931 travelling around northern Alabama and southern Tennessee learning all she could about the case.

On March 24, 1931, two mill girls from Huntsville in Madison County, northern Alabama, dressed up in overalls and hoboed their way by freight train to Chattanooga, Tenn., about 97 miles away.

The older of the two, Victoria Price, who said she was born in Fayettesville, Tenn.

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She talked to doctors, social workers, college professors, black ministers, judges, mayors, and the accusers, Ruby Bates and Victoria Price.Callie Brochie, who lived, according to Victoria, several blocks off Market Street on North Seventh.Victoria said she did not know the number of the house, but found the place by asking a boy on the street where Mrs. He pointed it out to the two girls, she said, and all she could say was that it was the fourth house in the block.A thorough investigation of the neighborhood later by the attorney for the defense failed to discover either Mrs. As the story of Victoria Price goes, the two girls spent the night with Mrs.Brochie, and set out the next morning with her to look for work in the mills.

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