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Frank, a Nazi stooge executed after Nuremberg, was ordered by Hitler to investigate his family history.He allegedly concocted a theory that Maria had been employed as a housekeeper for the Jewish Frankenberger family in Graz, Austria.There are several possibilities for who Alois' father could have been, and historians have generally agreed that it was a journeyman named Johann Georg Hiedler.This was the name that ended up on Alois' birth certificate, though it was long after his birth.China, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea are communist countries with tightly regulated state-owned economies.Hungary and Iceland probably are on the list because their banks were nationalized in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Also, while it's true that the US seems to have perpetual conflict with many of these countries, that has far more to do with their oppressive and aggressive regimes suppressing human rights and provoking confrontations with the rest of the world than any mucking about by the Rothschilds.Isn't it funny that we are always at war with these countries?" Putting aside the non-existence of "Rothschild Central Banks," this is a strange list of countries to be lumped together.

While the Rothschilds did invest greatly in the Bank of England during the Napoleonic Wars, the simple reason for this is that a French victory would have been terrible for their financial holdings.

The "Hitler's grandfather was Jewish" claim comes from the fact that his family line gets a little murky when you trace it back to the early 1800's.

His father Alois was born illegitimately to a woman named Maria Shicklgruber, who never revealed the name of the child's father and died 40 years before Adolf Hitler was born.

There are far more powerful banks around the world, controlling far greater sums of money. A "central bank" is by definition not a privately owned institution, but a governmental mandate.

It's the entity responsible for overseeing monetary policy, interest rates and currency supply for a nation.

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