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Hi, just letting you guys know that I'm still alive!!!Well, there isn't really any news to report on so I will no longer be updating. :) The Sims 2 is out for Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS!Regulars to this site might have noticed updates are becoming rarer.That's because the majority of the things on this site has been completed.The GBA version will feature: *Underlying story derived from the PC version * Return of the more popular characters from the previous two games *All new conversation system giving user more control over the results of their socials *5 act mission structure now revised into 24 episodic "TV season" *Trade unlocked episodes, items, and compete head-to-head in mini games via two connected GBAs The Nintendo DS version will feature: *Underlying story derived from the PC version *Real-time 3D, the Real Time Clock, true touch screen activities, and use of the microphone *Open-ended Sims experience which focuses on customizable gameplay *Wireless support allows players to trade unique creations such as custom music and paintings and compete head-to-head in mini-games Added house exterior section.I have also broken my record for the longest time without updating..very busy!!!

Daito Giken Koushiki Pachi-Slot Simulator Hihouden - Ossu Banchou - Yoshimune DS (JP).The site has been recoded (thanks to Allura) so it now loads faster. The changes might be so small you might not even notice.Also added a scrollbar, unfortunately all the stuff I did after 20th December is now gone. Found out I haven't updated for a week so I'll just post this message to make it seem like this site is up-to-date. Rep Groups Guide and Mission S guide is now up thanks to blahzer and Orange_Wave I've added another completely new DS walkthrough by Orange_Wave and AC Fanatic has almost finish his FAQ (hurry up! He has completed all the missions section though (good boy) so check it out! I might be doing a faqs on what to say to each character during conversation.For any questions concerning this page try to contact the respective author.(To report any malicious content send the URL to oocities(at gmail dot com).

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