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My son was removed when he was 14 because “I wanted to be his friend and not his mother” Anyone with a teen knows that’s when they want to act out; first his thing was I wasn’t working so I couldn’t support him (was temp disabled)so I went back to work; then it was I was working and couldn’t watch him.Finally he was removed when he was told he had 3 months to get his grades up (he would go to school and air and flirt with girls and do no schoolwork in class).It was sweet to invite friends over for some hot tub time tho.Back then cable modems were just coming out and i was left out of that as dial up AOL was my only option in the hotel room while i was living in the hotel and couldnt wait to get into a house so i could get a low ping while playing half life deathmatch or better yet counterstrike.

I tell them i lived that and they just look at me in awe!

I had him in counseling and tutoring; he didn’t believe they would take him so he continued not turning in his homework or doing schoolwork.

When this problem began I tried pretty much everything I could think of short of going and sitting in his classes finally said”OK, you don’t want to do your work, I’ll let you suffer the consequences and fail 9th grade.

And once (a much longer stay) as the result of a house fire.

His first stay was more of a bachelor pad, effeciency type room.

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