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The Landlady pulled me over to the sink and handed me my toothbrush. She again took hold of my hand and led me down the stairs. Despite my constant state of sexual arousal, I had to get away from Auntie Dear before it was too late.

I had to brush and wash up while she stood next to me. Once I got dressed, I would have to come up with a reason to go to town. But when I looked down at my nightgown, I could see it tenting in front of me. As I sat down for breakfast, I decided this was the first problem I had to solve. “Excuse me, Auntie Dear, I know I got up late but I still don't have any underwear on so . .” The Landlady placed the bowl in front of me and before I knew what was happening she was tying a large plastic bib around my neck from behind.

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It was a beef liver, string beans and mashed potatoes. She cut up the liver into bite size pieces, stabbed one with the fork and brought it to my lips. Now her right arm circled behind my back held me firmly while she continued to feed me with the left. I can see that I'd better get you a sippy-cup since you seem to have trouble using a glass! ” With that she gave my face a final pat and I was excused. Was I really sitting here in a frilly apron and feminine black flats, having just been fed my dinner like a child? “Now, quickly get out of those things and pop into the tub.” For a minute I didn't think she was going to leave, but finally she did. And you had better scrub yourself thoroughly, or I'll get on my knees and do it myself! I quickly finished the bath, dried off and wrapped the large pink towel she had left around me. She snatched the nightgown and pulled it over my head. “You don't need a panty to sleep in sweetheart, but I'll get you some if you insist.” Her leaned down close, tucking me in and smoothing my hair with her manicured hand, her bracelets tickling me. “Now I know you've tried to be a good boy, but you must be careful to follow the house rules. You're late, and you obviously need help getting ready which I intend to provide.I didn't want to admit it, but the tingling I felt all over, especially in my pants was too real to deny. ” The problem was my penis was so stiff I couldn't go.As I slowly started to rise from my chair I felt a strong hand push me back down. You must ask permission to be excused from the table.” I looked over at the Landlady, her hand still on my shoulder. Finally I got up sheepishly, my bladder still full. ” Not wanting to give her the chance I quickly slipped on the slippers.This guy really had a nice time chatting with his naked chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.

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