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Master CAM is just too expensive; Sprut CAM is a good program and costs just USD1500, but only runs under Windows. Mach3 is very good; it costs USD150 and is widely used / pirated. There is no magical program to generate a cnc program, for each one I've try you have to know your way around and what you are doing to get a good results.Personnally I had good experiences with mastercam but i'm sure there is some other good software around.The limitation of Mastercam is that it's not parametric, if you make a change to your model you have to reimport it insede mastercam and reasign the operations to the geometry.If possible try to go with something integrated inside your CAD software like mastercam for solidworks or delcam for solidworks.1) For "lowcost" CAD Space Claim ( Player.aspx) or Iron CAD ( not Inventor, Solid Work and company, 2) For Artistic CAM Vectric Aspire ( not Art Cam and company 2.1) For Technical CAD CAM Top Solid (or Top Solid Wood; or ZW3D ( not Master Cam and company 3) For free take Linux CNC ( never Mach3.This list will spare you so many headaches, trust me.If I am making something fairly simple I don't draw a model I just draw the cutting paths to save a bit of time. e consigo só ele fazer meus modelos 3D , montagem ,detalhamento e usinagem . Pois todos fazem a mesma coisa só que de um jeito diferente com outros comandos .E se tiver alguma alteração no produto no modelo ele atualiza todo o resto pra mim . ============================================================ Working with CIMATRON E11 software. and he can only do my 3D models, assembly, machining and detailing. For all do the same thing just in a different way with other commands.

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It's free and integrated in Solid Works as long as you have a legal version.The most convenient CAD CAM in terms of money is ZW3D 2015 Lite (only 2.5 ops.), it has very nice CAD interface and a potent CAM for "less than 1000$" If you use a Router you should have a Router version of CAM with Nesting, Engraving, Inlay, Raster to Vector, DXF Batch Import, joint fillets, doors and hinges macro and others common woodworking operations.And remember if you want play CAD CAM and you are not a pirate you must spend some money because unfortunately, the free software is not very productive.And if you have any change in the product model it updates all the rest to me. I also use Mastercam a lot but a novice needs a program with an intuitive interface that he can learn by his own.Imho HSM is one of the best options but is not a standalone program, it is integrated in Inventor or in SW. In the other hand we have Vectric Aspire the woodworking art 1500$ with a lot of tutorials around the web, for cabinets try Cabinet Vision

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