Floyd mayweather dating

They had a fight, Mc Gregor lost, the world kept turning. Undefeated, greatest boxer in the world beats loudmouth who has never boxed before, film at 11.Now, if it had been contested in the world of professional wrestling, then you would have seen a different outcome.MORE: Four famous wrestling stories with awful payoffs Reportedly, the tournament was the brainchild of head writer Vince Russo, who based it on the boasts of John “Bradshaw” Layfield about being able to beat anyone in a bar fight.

Even worse for Williams, he fell on his own leg on the way down while counting the lights, and tore up his leg to the point where it essentially ended his WWF career before he even wrestled a match.

Even more bizarrely, the referees used for the tournament were the fake pro wrestling variety rather than real, commission-sanctioned referees who were actually trained to properly protect the health and safety of fighters.

I mean, wrestling referees know how to pass moves and fall down from a simple clothesline, but they’re not who you want watching your back if you’re getting punched in the face, generally speaking.

Jim Ross, the head of talent relations at the time, brought in long-time star and good friend Steve “Dr.

Death” Williams and wanted to make him into someone who could give Austin a run for a couple of months in the fall, using his legitimate “tough guy” background.

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