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Question S3: VAT registration number (Czech language -"DPH DIC") of partner of transaction, where the planned solution will expect this registration number?

Also for pure GL document (no business partner posting), if it should be reported in VAT ledger, you have to ensure filling in mentioned fields (or your specific field) during document preparation.

Typical business transactions for which it makes sense to have a profitability segment found automatically include The transfer of price differences that are posted in purchasing due to differing order prices or differing prices in invoice receipt as period costs The transfer of expenses or revenues that arise due to a revaluation of material stocks as period costs The transfer of inventory differences as period costs The data is posted to a profitability segment found on the basis of the information found in the FI document.

If the information there is not very detailed not many characteristic values , the data is posted to a higher aggregation level.

Find profitability segment using substitution Select this indicator to have the system determine a profitability segment by means of substitution for automatic postings.

Generally, a profitability segment is found and updated in Profitability Analysis automatically when the corresponding sender document is created such as when you assign FI postings directly to a profitability segment, or when you create sales orders or billing documents.

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