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If users scroll through their feeds for fifteen minutes a day, there’s a lot more ad space than if they only scroll for two minutes twice a day.

In Q4 of last year, we saw Facebook site usage decline by about 5%, which was also likely a factor that caused ad costs to spike suddenly. Now that we’ve got a clear idea of how the bidding system works and what factors currently are most heavily affecting the cost of our Facebook Ads, let’s take a look at the data.

These factors can include: If you want to dig deeper into what factors influence the cost of Facebook ads and how do biding options can influence your costs, click here.

There’s a lot that’s changed in Facebook recently, and it’s unsurprisingly affected how much Facebook Ads cost.

For all of these, we’ll also cover differences based on gender, day of the week, hour of the day, and month-by-month breakdowns.

We’ll explain what affects the cost of advertising with Facebook Ads, and how you can reduce it.

There’s a problem though; users’ newsfeeds are limited, and ad space even more so, and the surge of submitted ads can (and has) raised prices noticeably.

This trend may continue, though there is hope that the new algorithm could mean more user engagement, which means more room for ads, evening everything out in the long run.

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While all the data and numbers in this post are coming off real campaigns, you should be using these numbers factors influencing Facebook Ads cost that there’s no way to know exactly what the cost will be for you until you run a few campaigns.We see the question a lot, and one of the only consistent answers we see is “it depends on a lot of factors.” This is absolutely true.There’s a lot that goes into understanding Facebook Ads cost; everything from your audience to your bidding plan to ranking Facebook gives you directly affects and influences how much you’re going to pay.This is only one reason why knowing how much Facebook Ads cost is so important.There’s a large number of factors that can affect how much your Facebook Ads cost, and bids are only one of them.

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