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The scheme is administered by the Social Welfare Services Office, Ballinalee Road, Longford.Carer must: Habitual Residence Condition From all applicants for Carers Allowance must be habitually resident in Ireland.In certain limited circumstances this requirement may be relaxed.The following guidelines will apply when eligibility for Carer's Allowance is being considered for a non-resident carer.The cared for person must be adequately cared for in the Carer's absence.Income from this employment would be assessable as means if the aggregate of all income exceeds the disregard amounts of 332.50 for a single/separated/civil partner who is not living with the other civil partner of the civil partnership Carer or 665.00 or a married/ in a civil partnership/ co-habiting A carer may also work as a home-help for a Health Service Executive for up to 15 hours week, provided s/he makes adequate provision for care of the care recipient in their absence.

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- Care Sharing From 14/03/2005, two carers who are providing care on a part-time basis in an established pattern can now be accommodated on the carer's allowance scheme.Where the carer receives a social welfare payment from another State, an amount up the maximum rate of the Irish State Pension Contribuotory is exempt from the means test.Any foreign social welfare payment in excess of the maximum Irish State Pension Contributory is treated as income for the means test.Any foreign social welfare payment in excess of the maximum Irish State Pension Contributory is treated as income in the means test.The €665 a week disregard referred to above is applied to this excess.

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