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Regardless of Russia’s responsibilities in this escalation, the EU has serious responsibilities itself, notably by lack of anticipation thus falling into every trap.

Today the Americans no longer let go of the Europeans, to whom they forbid any exchange with Russia.

The Atlantic-Russian crisis in this region could therefore quickly lead to a new front of disintegration of the European Union and, perhaps, to an ethnic conflict between two EU/NATO member states.

Whatever method is used, if Russia ever succeeded in establishing such a corridor, the Baltic countries would be cut off from the EU. Lack of anticipation, strategic errors, political weakness: the great escalation Weapons and men are gathering around this region: Americans, Canadians, British, French, Danish, Germans on one side; Belarusians, Russians, Moldavians, Kazakh, and even Chinese on the other.

The Russians can not give in to Kaliningrad either.

Yulia Tymoshenko, a pro-European politician, but who has been accused in the past of Russian sympathies and has a lot to do with the gas trade with Russia[8], would be the winner of an election if it took place today. Would the imperative of returning to Russia have to do with these few reversal indicators? In any case, on the EU side, the ranks are tightening around the idea of ​​re-establishing the dialogue with Russia.the eyes are now turning to the Baltic Sea where demonstrations of military testosterone is progressing well on both sides of the new iron curtain[1].Not far from Gdansk, the former Danzig, whose corridor contributed to the outbreak of the Second World War, another corridor is now the object of all desire and may become a trigger of nothing less than a Third World War: the corridor, or the triangle, of Suwalki.The five European gas groups involved in the Nord Stream 2 project, to which they each contribute 10% of the financing, are directly threatened by this amendment: the French Engie, the Anglo-Dutch Shell, the German Uniper and Wintershall companies, but also the ‘Austrian OMW Alstom and others know how much it costs to ignore the extra-territorial exception of the American law.If such a bill were to be passed, it would be a further brake on any prospect of resolving the Euro-Russian crisis.

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