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ESTJs want to defend the organization and the hierarchy (their natural need being security) while ENTJs are the ones who will jump to redefine it if they see it isn’t efficient (natural need for ingenuity).

The tendency of the ESTJ to act the way they are supposed to act in regards to their role in society dictates the way this relationship is going to go. On equal terms As friends ENTJs and ESTJs usually get along fine, especially if they have common interests to talk about.

Because most ESTJs are traditional they believe there’s a way a man and a woman should act and if it drives away from the beaten track ESTJs can get very critical.

However, there’s one thing ESTJs don’t argue with and that is success.

The INTJ-ESTJ relationship has 2 preference similarities and 2 preference differences.

Regardless of the number of similarities and differences, each personality combination will have its unique set of challenges.

ENTJs like having ESTJ employees because they are very dependable, responsible and hard working.

A parent – child relationship should also go smooth because ESTJ children are usually respectful towards elders and strive to fulfill their duties which an ENTJ parent will appreciate.

Gender roles An ESTJ parent might not be very supportive towards an ENTJ female child if she decides to pursue a career or way of living that more fits a man’s role (in the ESTJs mind).

As long as they are in a laid back setting, things shouldn’t be tough.

In a work setting there might be some clashes but “it works” is a language both these types share.

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