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Most of the time, I just Google for reviews of the item I am looking at buying.

Newsgroups (Google Groups) are also often useful for certain types of products, as long as you keep in mind that most of the time, people will only post something negative, so it is definitely NOT balanced.

Intersting thread - for me it would depend on the purchase - the higher the cost and longer its use the more research I put into it.

I always ask people, sometimes check consumer reports (usually forget) and do some internet searching.

You have a limitless choice of online dating services and sites, which may give you a ‘head spin’ just looking for the best online dating site/service.

Reading the article did inspire me to ask this question.

When it comes to things like small appliances (i.e.coffee pots), electronics or computers I try and get the most for the least with the longest warranty.

I find these things become obsolete so quickly - warranty replacement after a year or 2 is futile.

Some of my favorite end user review sites include: used to subscribe to CR but after a number of questionable at best reports were exposed I stop...

I haven't seen the internet dating report, nor am I likely to search for it, but I am sure it is biased to some degree especially since Po F didn't get meantioned (as reported here) ...

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    Write your name and your crush's name, then you'll find out if it's true love or friendship! Princess Darla has a great date with her beautiful prince.