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Aired 1-2a ET • Trump White House; Koreas Tensions; A Dangerous Precedent; Concerns on Repatriation; Myanmar Violence; Rohingya Crisis Plan; FBI's Peter Strzok Testifies In Explosive House Hearing on Anti-Trump Bias; U. Aired 2-p ET • Trump Declares Relationship with U. Now "Highest Level of Special"; Mueller Indicts 12 Russians Ahead of Trump/Putin Summit; Trump Apologized to May Despite Denying He Criticized Her; Trump Meets Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.Aired -3p ET • CNN Special Coverage Of President Trump Visiting The United Kingdom; President Trump Greeted With Protest In Britain; Trump Criticizes Teresa May In British Tabloid, White House Defends; North Korea A No-Show, Reschedules Meeting With Mike Pompeo; Explosive Congressional Hearing With Peter Strzok; Steve Mnuchin Downplays Trade War With Partners; Coverage of Trump Travel; Examining Protests of Trump During England Visit; Preview of Trump/Putin Meeting; Thailand Rescue Operation. After Contentious NATO Meetings; Trump Slams May In "The Sun" Newspaper Interview; Rescued Boy Hailed As Hero Is Myanmar Refugee; U.Aired 3-4p ET • Hours Away From Trump And Putin's One-On-One Meeting; Several People Hurt In Violent Weekend On Israel-Gaza Border; Paragliding Trump Protester Arrested; Source: Timeline For North Korea To Return U. Remains Is 14-21 Days; Judge Accuses HHS Of Covering From Trump Administration; Crisis Text Line Offers Help To Those In Need.Aired 5-6p ET • The Countdown To Helsinki, After A Day Of Violence, Palestinians Say They've Reached A Ceasefire With Israel, But Israel So Far Not Commenting, All Eyes On That Stadium In Moscow Where France And Croatia Will Battle It Out For Football's Top Honor, The United States Working On Getting The Remains Of Some 200 US Service Members Killed In The Korean War Returned; Total Darkness, Cold And Rushing Waters, That's The Way Divers Described The Thai Cave Where 12 Young Boys And Their Football Coach Spent 18 Days, A Big Icerbeg Off Greenland That Is Threatening A Whole Village. Aired 12-a ET • Trump-Putin Summit; Hamas, Islamic Jihad Say Cease-fire Reached with Israel; World Cup 2018; Controversial Arrest.Aired -a • Supreme Court Nominee Wants to Abolish Independent Counsel? ; Trump Tries To Clarify Summit Remarks After Backlash; Trump Declares Full Faith In U. Intelligence; Russian Indicted Accused Of Acting As Foreign Agent; Japan, E. Agree Largest Bilateral Trade Deal Ever; Campaign Violations Trigger Calls For Men Referendum. Aired 04-a ET • How Past Presidents Dealt With Putin; Putin Has His Own Negotiating Style; Trump And Putin Set For One On One Meeting In Finland; Who's A U. Aired -10a ET • Trump to Meet Putin in Finland; World is Watching the Outcome of the Summit; Trump to Bring up Election Meddling by Russia. Aired 2- p ET • Trump Slams May, Mayor, Immigration In Interview; Trump's Visit Sparks Protest In London; World Cup Fever Takes The Internet By Storm; Rescued Boy Hailed As Hero Is Myanmar Refugee; U.; Does Trump Believe Russia No Longer Targeting the U. Aired 1-2a ET • Report: Trump Says Russia Not Targeting U. Anymore; Trump Launches Unprovoked Attack on Montenegro; Trump Appears to Question U. Loyalty to NATO Defense and Article 5; More Lawmakers Call for Subpoena of Trump's Translator. Aired -3p ET • More Lawmakers Call for Subpoena of Trump's Translator; Ohio GOP Official Quits Party After Trumps Performance at Summit; Rescued Boys Honor Diver Who Died for Them; Trumps Military Parade Estimated to Cost 12 Million.. Aired -3p ET • Trump Stuns World by Siding with Putin Over U. Intel; Top Republican Lawmakers Break with Trump Over Putin Comments; Interview with Senator Ben Cardin; Aired 10-a ET • Russian Woman Charged With Being a Foreign Agent; Paul Ryan Speaks Amid Controversy Over Trump-Putin Summit; Mike Pence Defends Trump's Summit with Putin; Aired -11a ET • Reporter who asked the question about accountability of Russia; Russian accused of seeking "back channels" between Trump and Putin. Aired 3- 4a ET • 'Disgraceful Performance' by President Trump at Putin Meeting? Aired 3-p ET • Report: Trump Declines to Back U. Intelligence Against Putin; Mc Cain Says One of The Most Disgraceful Performances by President in Memory; Schiff Says This Is Nothing Less Than the Surrender of U. S.-North Korea Talks On Troop Remains Set For Sunday; Republicans Slam FBI Agent Over Anti- Trump Texts.• Cleanup Time for Trump; Another Hooray for Russians; Theresa May Won Narrowly from Pro-E. Lawmakers; European Union and Japan Strikes a Deal on Trade. and Japan Strike a Deal Promoting Free Trade; Barack Obama's Biggest Speech Since Leaving Office; Trump Tries To Clarify Summit Remarks After Backlash; U. Indicts Suspected Russian Agent; Former President Warns Against Strongman Politics. Prime Minister Theresa May Wins on Amended Customs Bill, Minister Resigns; France Welcomes Its World Cup Victors; U. Keeps Israel-Lebanon Border Quiet; Amazon Prime Day Shoppers See Pups On Error Pages; Amazon CEO Worth More Than 0 Billion..Aired 3-4a ET • Russia Boosts Operations Against West; Face Book User Data Accessed from Russia; Obama Speaks Out. Aired 12-1a ET • Some in Conservative Media Rebuke Trump; Russians View Trump- Putin Summit as a New Start; Hotel Asks for Protection from Lawsuits; U. Lawmaker: Facebook Data Accessed from Inside Russia; Veiled Swipe at Trump? Aired 2-3a ET • Trump-Putin Summit About Two Hours Away; Trump On Putin Meeting Will Do Just Fine; Leaders May Discuss Syria, Ukraine, Arms Control. Aired -05a ET • Trump and Putin's Meeting; Comparing Previous Meetings with Trump and Putin; Expectations from Trump and Putin's Meeting.

Aired 2-p ET • Trump Tries to Walk Back Comments From Disastrous Russia Press Conference; Interview With Florida Senator Bill Nelson. Aired 2-3a ET • DNI Dan Coates" "Clear" That Russia Meddled; Putin: "Utter Nonsense" He Has Compromising Material on Trump; Schumer Holds Press Conference on Trump/Putin Summit; Mc Cain Criticizes Trump Meeting with Putin.

Aired 5-6a ET • Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Intelligence Officer for DNC Hacking; Police Find Source of Novichok Nerve Agent That Killed British Woman; Trump Visits Queen amid Protests in London.

Aired 12-1p ET • Trump Calls on NATO Allies; Protesters Awaits Trump's Visit; Sad Day for England, an Unexpected Win for Croatia. Croatia in World Cup 2018 Final; Campaign to Make "American Idiot" Great Again; Trump Blast NATO Allies On Opening Day; Trump: Germany Is Captive To Russia; Trump Claims On NATO Spending Are Misleading; Croatia Top England To Reach World Cup Final. After Tense NATO Summit; Protest Expected to Greet President Trump in London; NATO Chief Reflects on Tense Summit, Trump's Comments. Visit Comes Amid May's Struggle With Brexit; Harry & Meghan's Whirlwind Tour Of Ireland.

Aired 11a-12n ET • Trump to Meet PM Theresa May, Queen Elizabeth, and Putin; Protesters Upset with Trump.

Aired 3-4a ET • Trump and May Press Conference; Trump Denies Criticism; Trump on Immigration; Trump Will Talk about Meddling; Aired -a • Did Not Air.

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