Dr phil advice on dating

He was completely unaware of the surprise she was planning for him, one she successfully pulled under his nose.As the clock reached midnight, she came up to Mc Graw and said excitedly – “It’s twelve o’clock, I have something I need to show you!Robin reminisced about the first time she laid eyes on Phil.

Come 1986, Robin gave birth to their second child, Jordan. Phil is so close to his family, he was chosen to be his oldest son’s best man.His wife, Robin, was right there by his side the first time he appeared on TV, and made it her life’s mission to surprise her husband.Yes, Robin had a knack for showing her foolish side, pranking the man who was ranked the 15th highest earning celebrity in the world. Robin and Phil were not always the picture perfect couple they seem to be today.Robin looked completely perplexed when the camera turned to her in order to capture the moment the prankster would finally become the prankee.For their 39th anniversary, Robin had something special in store for hubby Phil.

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    It was not the response that Nina was expecting as he knew her age before he asked her out (more than once! Whilst Rakesh did not come right out and say it, Nina knew what he was really thinking – is this woman going to be able to give me children?