Doug liman dating

We’ve been lucky enough to have spoken to director Doug Liman a few times now at Den Of Geek, and we can safely say he’s a constant source of fascinating anecdotes.

That wasn’t for the filming, it was just to get there. We were shooting the equivalent of car chases with airplanes.

Where other pilots read a book, or listen to the radio. Usually the DP was in the plane with Tom and I was in the helicopter.

Now you have to get a jet, Tom’s Aerostar and the helicopter at the exact same spot in the Gulf of Mexico at the exact same moment to film the chase sequence.

Some aspects of those experiences have to be filmed for real.

We’re not actually risking our lives to the extent that it maybe appears on screen, but there’s a level of risk being undertaken by the filmmaker and the stars, and the spectacle of that shows up on screen in a way that a CG sequence in a Marvel film can never replicate.

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