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For readers looking for a scary snow storm read, there's fun to be had, provided you can look past the stereotypical treatment of women and minorities.Its 1909, and following a brutal murder in a hotel room in Coney Island, Suzanne Heath is asked by Lt. Suzanne had previously helped Grangers daughter Coralie after she was viciously attacked. Since she was a child, Suzanne has had visions of a persons life when she touches them.Moreland manages to create a suitably claustrophobic atmosphere, even though the story takes place in the wide open wilderness.There is a bleakness that runs through the entire novel and stays with you, just as the cold temperatures the characters are dealing with.

Claiming the town one by one, this evil is more than the native Wendigo, more than flesh-hungry humans and more than a demonic presence in the woods. And, typical of period pieces there's a lot of referencing to natives as savages, and less than human.There are typos, syntax issues and characters who change names, but also too many incidental characters that are developed for a chapter and then disappear.These little niggles become a bit too distracting as the novel progresses, which is a shame because Mays writing shows a lot of promise.He places her in a medically induced coma, and she releases her husband, Eric, to get revenge on those who killed him, and also to find and rescue his daughter.This story was very interesting, and it was very gripping, as the premise of robbery and kidnapping is present in everyday society. In a departure from his usual historical novels for adults (The Absolutist, The House of Special Purpose) and children (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, now a film), Boyne experiments with another form: the classic ghost story.

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