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Origin: from citezein (spelling altered by influence of denizen), from citeain (Modern French citoyen), from cite (Modern French cité, English city), from citet, from civitas, from civis (English civil, civilian), from kei-.Being a citizen implies rights and responsibilities, whether you are a citizen of the world, your country, your state, your community, or your family.Perhaps the intent of the question is "what does it mean to be a member of..." What's interesting is that people's responses here have attributed rights and responsibilities to being a citizen.I wonder if the responses would have been different had 'citizen' been replaced with 'member of.' Rights are intrinsic to existence; by virtue of birth, you have rights. Privileges are additional freedoms that may be granted or revoked.

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As a citizen of a community, your rights and responsibilities are more local and personal.

You also have the responsibility of affording respect to your fellow citizens and their different cultures and ideas.

As a citizen of your state, your rights and responsibilities are much like those you have as a citizen of your country.

Being a citizen means to be concerned, and to care about the world around you, and then act on the problems and become apart of the solution.

The worst thing a person can do especially in America is to say "why bother voting, I am only one vote, that will not make a difference." Voting apathy will tear down a democracy.

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