Do looks matter in dating online dating in us

Unfortunately, most of us have swallowed this pill which now has us deluded as to how attraction works and should work.

The average guy now believes that he’d been fucked in the gene pool when looks and attraction values were being trickled down through the hereditary loopholes.

Will an attractive woman always look for an attractive man to marry?

Looks matter (in dating) as much as pickle on a burger.

If you aren’t ripped, jacked or male-model looking, then you’re pretty much fucked out of getting poon!

Hollywood has brainwashed women (and men) into believing that a guy has to fit a certain physiological quota in order to have attraction value.

In other words: a guy of average looks, now feels inadequate with his body, physique and facial composition, since he doesn’t look like a throwback version of Keanu Reeves or Brad Pitt.

Women not knowing any better, has also willingly ingested the mainstream-dating pill, so much so to the point that she now has an “Ideal Type”, which unfortunately doesn’t look like Socialkenny neither you.

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