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Raised in Barbados and schooled in locales as diverse as Paris, Grenoble, and Hampshire, Driver attended the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, where she studied drama.

Driver got her start on the stage and on television and made her big-screen debut in Circle of Friends in 1995.

He plays restaurant owner Secondo, brother to Tony Shalhoub's Primo.

Secondo is the businessman struggling to keep their traditional restaurant afloat, unable to commit to his long-suffering girlfriend (Driver). Together, with Driver's help, they gamble everything on a single blowout feast that brings them a sort of fulfillment different from the one for which they'd hoped.

» Apparue dans Le cercle des amies (Pat O'Connor, 1995), Minnie Driver a notamment participé à Goldeneye (Martin Campbell, id.), Big night (Stanley Tucci et Campbell Scott, 1996) et Sleepers (Barry Levinson, id.).

A high-school reunion is enough to get anyone re-evaluating their life decisions — whom they married or didn't, their looks, their line of work — and ponder the person they could have been instead.David Duchovny isn't really a romantic-comedy kind of guy, but he and Driver have breezy chemistry in this charmer.Duchovny, still mourning his wife's sudden death a year later, lets his friends set him up on a blind date, but he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the waitress (Driver) instead — who happens to be the recipient of his dead wife's heart.Displaying talent both for acting and for appearing at awards ceremonies wearing dresses that attract more attention than the awards themselves, Minnie Driver rose from almost complete obscurity to her position as one of the most visible British actresses of the 1990s over the course of just a few years.Born Amelia Driver in London on January 31, 1971, she was christened "Minnie" by her sister, who was too young to pronounce her little sister's name correctly.

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