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That goes double for suburban Midwesterners who grow up to be hit men. Blank (John Cusack), in the midst of a moral crisis, decides to attend his 10-year high-school reunion in Grosse Pointe, Mich., where he reconnects with his high-school sweetheart (Driver).

The pair bring enough quirk and charm to make the black humor sing.

Raised in Barbados and schooled in locales as diverse as Paris, Grenoble, and Hampshire, Driver attended the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, where she studied drama.

Driver got her start on the stage and on television and made her big-screen debut in Circle of Friends in 1995.

Un soir, pourtant, il accepte de diner avec lui au restaurant. Dans Kalifornia (Dominic Sena, 1993), il a joué l'un des rôles principaux, ainsi que dans Playing God (Andy Wilson, 1997) et The X-Files – le film (Rob Bowman, 1998).

« Le scénario de Droit au cœur est incroyablement simple et direct, sans la moindre trace de cynisme facile qui gâche aujourd'hui tant de films.

Bob Rueland et sa femme Elizabeth forment un couple parfait, aimé et apprecié de tous.

Oscar winners Ben Affleck and Matt Damon built their decades-spanning careers on the back of one great film they wrote in their 20s, about a toiling Boston nobody (Damon) who's really an unheralded genius.

He plays restaurant owner Secondo, brother to Tony Shalhoub's Primo.

Secondo is the businessman struggling to keep their traditional restaurant afloat, unable to commit to his long-suffering girlfriend (Driver). Together, with Driver's help, they gamble everything on a single blowout feast that brings them a sort of fulfillment different from the one for which they'd hoped.

Minnie Driver doesn't play a lot of flashy roles, but that doesn't mean she isn't flashy.

Instead, she's just sort of quietly great in everything.

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