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In the two studied sections, Pennapiedimonte and Lettomanoppello sections, we recognize a series of biozones that integrate with the known biostratigraphy based on large and planktonic foraminifera.Overall, we provide a reliable chronology indicating that the stratigraphic succession of Santo Spirito Fm, in the investigated area, is constrained between ~ 42 Ma (late Lutetian) and ~ 31 Ma (early Rupelian).

The obtained more accurate chronology is helpful for an ongoing study addressed to perform a detailed sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the unit, specifically to recognize higher rank depositional sequences within it.

When you take the time to reserve judgment, you will liberate yourself from the solitary confinement of being the way you've always been. Otherwise all that happens is you stay stuck in your own world, waiting for your turn. In any relationship, two people are always teaching each other exactly how they expect to be treated right from the first moment. Every relationship is co-created, that's the beauty of being with someone. When you hold back and then are disappointed, you only creat resentment. When two people live together over time, conflicts are inevitable.

So, open to a possibility that's different from your own. If you deny that fact, you will suffocate the life out of your relationship. Conflict is just like the sand in an oyster -- annoying, irritating, but you have to have it to get the pearl! Genuine curiosity is the finest aphrodisiac there is. If you only want love to come the way you want it, you'll only get what you've always had.

Is she a “football widow” spending 4th quarter Saturdays and Sundays without her man? So as the season gets going we wanted to create a guide for daters on how to use America’s 800-pound sports gorilla to their advantage. The vast majority of women think football is a complete waste of time.

Is he a doting husband who is desperately searching for time to slip off and catch up on the latest scores? Just mentioning that, “you’re not a big football fan” and that you like to spend your weekends taking drives, or getting outside, or going to movies is likely to get nods of approval from the women who are seeking refuge from the endless ballgames and beer commercials.

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