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Among the panelists was Ahmad Ishaq, who had created a My Space-like platform at the Defense Intelligence Agency.Martinez kept in touch with Ishaq, who later co-founded Byte Cubed and asked Martinez to lead the team.Yet for all their varied experiences, these early-career professionals form tight networks and friendships.Masback attributes this partly to the dynamics of working in defense and intelligence.“Given the sacred responsibility and high stakes associated with national security, the trust has to be in place if you’re going to work with someone, and it has to be organically grown,” Masback said.Their voice and vote matters and they are able to make a difference.”Martinez dove into the position, lining up events that focused on education, career development, and service, from a speed dating-style mentoring program to a speaker series on emerging trends.Martinez also aimed to offer events that appealed to the entire community, not just his younger peers.“We wanted the young professionals contributing back to the community with their ideas,” Martinez said.

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Today, YPG is 2,250 strong, representing 700 employers, with two young professionals serving as voting members of USGIF’s Board of Directors.USGIF’s Young Professionals Working Group, which guides the YPG and plans activities, offers events that parallel the Foundation’s mission of advancing the GEOINT tradecraft.The group is co-chaired by Bill Pilotte and Isaac Zaworski, who also currently hold the two young professional positions on USGIF’s Board.During her time with YPG, she developed an invaluable network of peers and seniors in the industry.“Having a trusted relationship with my peers is huge,” Lyon said.“I can go to them with questions rather than struggling on my own.” She has sought advice from her peer network and her “tribe of mentors” on the timing of a job transition, team dynamics, and leadership skills. government partnerships at Planet, served on the USGIF Board during her time with YPG and counts some of its members as her closest friends.

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