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The thing is she can be pretty sensitive to personal criticism.

I want to cool off a bit first (so it's actually good I can't talk to her right now).

" I ran the fuck after her but it was too late she was running in between people through the crowd yelling "TITTIES! Beyond embarrassing, mortifying as I said in the title. Everyone was staring as I literally chased my drunken wife around the campground with her boobs flopping everywhere until she tripped and fell. Right now she's passed out in bed but I want to talk to her tomorrow.

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By Marie Willsey For guys who aren't too outspoken and get a little nervous around girls, the dating scene can cause nothing but anxiety. With a little bit of effort, you can have a romantic night any time of the year.

I know that people said in the previous post that if you're unsure if you're in love, you're not in love.

But I think it depends on the individual, the relationship, etc. I can see in his actions every day that he really, truly, cares about me and my well being.

I started talking to him a bit more about it, and he said that when he was on vacation he thought maybe we should break up, but the more he thought about it the more miserable he was.

And that if he was miserable at the idea of not being with me, that there was no reason we shouldn't be together.

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