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Think about it – you would not want to spend time with someone who only ever spoke about themselves would you?By taking the time not only to listen to what your date has to say but also making sure that you let him know that you have taken on board what he is saying you are setting yourself apart from the crowd, showing your date that you are that little bit different and special.The advice can be summarized in a nutshell – always keep him or her wanting more!Some people sell themselves short by finding a relationship and sticking with it even if they know it is not right for them (sometimes the other half of the relationship is married – see above).As your relationship progresses you will want to keep some level of mystery in your relationship.We do not suggest that you lie, or avoid telling the truth – there should be scrupulous honesty in any successful relationship but an element of mystery will keep the allure in your relationship alive, for example you wouldn’t want to use the bathroom with the door open!

A woman might say that she is staying because of the kids or is waiting for the right moment to leave her husband. In a small minority of cases there might be some truth to what they are saying but be realistic – they are a scumbag! If you do find yourself falling for someone who is married don’t let yourself become tangled in the situation.

You are also telling them that they are important to you and, as a result they are more likely to want to keep you in their life.

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Of course this does not mean that you should not talk about yourself, the things that interest and inspire you.

It is vital that you do because otherwise you will come across as vacuous but a relationship should be a two way street.

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