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In 1204, the Byzantine Empire gave Peloponnese to the Franks, who built Akronafplia. They reinforce the fortification of the two fortresses of the city, and they construct a third, known as the “Five Brothers.” Bourtzi is fortified for the first time, a castle is built over it chains fortificate the castle to the harbor, until 1865 that Bourtzi is residence of the executioners.

The Venetians expand the city, fortified it with walls, built the church of St. From 1540 to 1686 the city was dominated by the Turks.

He destroyed the city and used it only as a port of Argos.

In 1180 lord of Nafplio was Leo Sgouros, who conquered Argos and Korinthos.Nafplio is located less than two hour’s drive by car from Athens, on the Peloponnese peninsula.The beautiful old city has a wealth of narrow alleyways and streets, steep stairs, taverns serving delicious Greek food, lively bars, clubs and cafés, a lovely seafront promenade, and enough sights to fill a week or two.The name reveals the man that established Nafplio: Nafplios, was the son of Poseidon and Amimoni.Nafplpios married Klymeni and had three children: Palamides, Oiakos and Nafsimedon.

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