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It is best to close these applications while you're talking on Raidcall if you do not have a particularly fast internet connection.

Please be advised that the Static and Robotic problems are not caused by Raidcall. Hardware Processingoption will use your soundcard to broadcast the music being played on your computer.

If you are experiencing this issue in other applications as well, please contact the manufacturer of your soundcard or headset for more information.

Other applications running on your computer can also affect your network performance, especially those performing bandwidth-intensive tasks such as video streaming and file downloading.

The system's default keyboard shortcut to activate Overlay is "SHIFT TAB".Raid Call offers users to keep up to date with the streams on Twitch TV/Justin TV.Communicate with friends with the coolest and freshest streams on Raid Call.Points are counted by how long you have been online in Raid Call.Every one hour you stay online, one point will be added. Test your internet connection speed( and contact your ISP provider.

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