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His fear of "monkeys" was most frequently mentioned and seen, thanks largely to repeated encounters with Monkey Ninjas.However, this fear was triggered by an overly excited chimpanzee, or at least being overly wary of them to the point of Kim's annoyance.In his senior year, he added the high school football team to this list, having become its star running back.Ron's noted fearlessness in approaching different people appeared to have been a result of plenty of rejection in the past, as he had developed very tough social skin and was not especially bothered by someone refusing to associate with him.Ron was a high school student with an eccentric personality.

It is one of his abilities that almost always remains at a consistently high level.Due to Ron's relaxed and easy-going natured, he was normally highly resistant to most forms of peer pressure, and was largely unconcerned with appearance and fads unless they concerned him directly.Some of this might have been due to Ron not being aware of current trends: he regularly watched TV at Kim's house Ron's ambivalence to appearance and fad led to him labeling Kim a "retail snob" because of her insistence on buying her clothes at Club Banana, even though she could get the same clothes at Smarty Mart for a fraction of the cost, but refused to due to social standards and Ned.Ron accepted, and was accepted by, people as diverse as Monique, a social gossip and fashion guru; Wade, a super-genius shut-in; Zita, a gamer girl; and Felix, a wheelchair-bound boy.He interacted with all the above groups on a regular basis, and never appeared to judge them or their activities as more or less worthy.

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