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Though interracial marriage did not predict divorce per se, they were generally less stable and the risks varied by ethnicity.

Among Whites, the ethnic group least likely to participate in interracial marriage, women tended to report the most stress.

Being of different races can definitely pose a challenge for intercultural couples. However, if couples face disapproval and social pressure from families and society, their relationships may become highly stressful as a result.

Our review of studies on stress in intercultural marriages found at least five particular sources of stress: Further, stress experienced in intercultural marriages may also be related to childrearing, time orientation, gender role expectations, connections to extended family, and particularly, which family subsystem will take priority or be dominant.

The risk of divorce in first marriages increased when the husband attended religious services more frequently than his wife.

Theories speculate that regular joint church attendance provides a protective effect for the marriage by providing consistent social networks of like-minded individuals and strengthens bonds by reinforcing ideology and lifestyles. In sum, these findings seem to indicate that the greater the similarities in religious beliefs and behaviors, the higher the marital happiness.

Potential cultural differences that must be negotiated were highlighted in one study that focused on Asian Indian-White marriages.

Among Native Americans, the ethnic group most likely to be involved in an interracial marriage (at over 50%), the distress rate was about twice as high as it was for Native Americans who were not involved in an intermarriage.

The distress rate for Hispanics was elevated only when they married non-Whites, reaching over twice the rate of those married homogamously to other Hispanics.

It was the author Paul Sweeney who penned, “A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity.

The order varies for any given year.” Couples must make many adjustments as they learn to live with each other from year to year.

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