Dating site braces

But if it’s even remotely true, braces could be good for both your love life and your career. Thankfully, you have options, as Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson explains…

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My subtle flirtatious gestures (definitely not outright staring at him or anything…) had finally worked.

So get out there and turn up the charm—your date will surely be impressed that you’re improving your teeth, and who knows…

maybe they’ll even be there to celebrate with you when you reveal your brand new smile!

), and you’ve pored through all the movie reviews to make sure your date goes perfectly.

Then, if everything goes as planned, you hope that special someone might let you smooch them. We’ve all heard the horror stories of teenaged lovebirds caught in literal lip-locks with stuck-together braces or of puckering up only to showcase the popcorn lodged beneath your wires.

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